The studio offers:

• In-depth columns, commentary/perspective article, essays, feature writing articles, interviews and reviews
• Creative communications
• Manage transmedia storytelling for campaigns
• Manage and coordinate SoMe and communicative projects: narrative of the story, media platform, and strategic marketing-oriented communications
• Designing layouts for magazines, websites, books and other visual products

Contact: / Anduena Hajdari

Cases and clients


Stability and growth – goodwill NGO

– Media, campaign, and SEO optimization
-community and communications development strategy
-Art direction

The Studio has since 2018 worked with the NGO on developing a new communications strategy, designing and building a new website, and building a community. As a service, the studio still provides monthly articles, blogs and content for social media, their website, and for internal communication with the users and members of the NGO. 

SanaNordic ApS

Health and beauty cannabis products

– Media, campaign, and SEO optimization
-Branding strategy
-Art direction

The Studio is currently working on SanaNordics brand image and external communications with customers by providing visual content like the one seen on the picture, by writing weekly SEO articles and blogs about health, body, and the alternative healing sphere. 

Community building in process: monthly workshops. Held by SanaNordic and planned in cooperation with the studio. 


Red Barnet Ungdom

Visual and written content for website and social media use. 

Article and photography.

Stoisk Ro

Stoisk Ro / Stoic calmness is a one man clinic that provides conversation therapy and philosophical guidance.

– Media, campaign, and SEO optimization
-Branding strategy
-Art direction